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Design fascinating virtual flights for news, sports, and weather
Information and entertainment are no contradiction in terms. Whether news, sports, or weather, the form and layout of a story should fire the emotions for greater impact. Give your news form and layout with WorldNewsMapper. Enthral your viewers,
and take them to where your news is happening. WorldNewsMapper lets you create quickly and intuitively virtual flights to where it's all happening, illustrate these with text, graphics, and animations, and bundle them in an appealing story. Integrated maps from Microsoft© Bing Maps™ provide worldwide the images you need for your story. Learn more
Lyra the flexible, powerful and light-weight render engine
Lyra is a flexible, powerful, yet light-weight render engine for the creation of real-time graphics for a wide variety of broadcast needs. The Lyra render engine offers a template-based graphics creation interface, which includes a multitude of effects and features for the quick realization of professional graphics packages. With Lyra, users can create graphics for many of the common broadcast needs, such as logo animations, dynamic tickers, lower thirds, program announcements and much more. The software supports a wide variety of image and video formats for import and thus offers great flexibility while remaining easy to handle. Learn more

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