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Lyra the flexible, powerful and light-weight render engine

Lyra is a flexible, powerful, yet light-weight render engine for the creation of real-time graphics for a wide variety of broadcast needs. The Lyra render engine offers a template-based graphics creation interface, which includes a multitude of effects and features for the quick realization of professional graphics packages. With Lyra, users can create graphics for many of the common broadcast needs, such as logo animations, dynamic tickers, lower thirds, program announcements and much more. The software supports a wide variety of image and video formats for import and thus offers great flexibility while remaining easy to handle.

Flexible template creation with LyraCG:
  • objects like text, rectangles, logos, pictures or videos can be freely positioned in 3D space, adapted in size and color.
  • standard formats like PNG, TIF, JPEG, AVI, MOV or MPEG are supported for logos, pictures or video clips.
  • the font of text objects can be freely chosen and basic text effects, like shadow, border, glow or bevel can be added to it.
  • character animated text effects like TypeWriter, Flash or Alpha can be used on any text object for the right on and off animation of text.
  • text can be freely positioned or run in a Crawl or Roll through the screen.
  • dynamic text resizing of the contents (e.g., size is calculated automatically so that the whole text is seen)
  • objects, like video clips, crawl or rolls can be played once, in a loop or in a ping pong mode.
  • variables can be used to control the content of template dynamically before or during the playout.
  • parameter of each object can be animated on a timeline, the in and out points can be set, and easing can be added for smooth animations.
  • mask effect can be added to cover text or video dynamically.
  • special objects for clocks, stop watches or countdown timers, in analog and digital form, are part of the system.
Integration with M2Control
Molden Media has combined the Lyra render engine with a slim version of their state-of-the-art graphics control and playout application M2Control to create a single-box broadcast graphics workflow for straightforward needs of modern day broadcasters.

Molden Media is a multi-disciplinary broadcast agency, with a speciality of visualizing big data on large interactive displays based in Bavaria.

By integrating Lyra with a light-weight M2Control Molden Media has created a single-box application which focuses on the individual requirements of the client, supplying networks with a targeted solution that is easy to learn and operate, thereby shortening response times and speeding up production. As technology is becoming smaller and more flexible, the combination of Lyra and M2Control offers a professional workflow of a reasonable scale, as well as high-end graphics quality for all types of applications, from branding to sports and newsroom. The package was designed to integrate easily into any given environment while guaranteeing mission-critical stability and performance.
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